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Candle care sets

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Our 4-piece candle care set in rose gold is a luxurious and practical accessory collection designed to enhance your candle experience. Crafted with elegance and functionality in mind, this set includes four essential tools to help you maintain and enjoy your candles to the fullest.

1. Candle Snuffer: The rose gold candle snuffer adds a touch of sophistication to your candle rituals. Its elongated handle and curved design allow you to extinguish your candles effortlessly, minimizing the risk of smoke or hot wax splatters.

2. Wick Trimmer: The wick trimmer, also in rose gold, is a must-have tool for ensuring an optimal burn. With its precise cutting edge, it trims the wick to the ideal length, promoting a clean and even burn while preventing excessive smoke and soot.

3. Candle Coaster: The set also includes a rose gold candle coaster, serving as an elegant platform for your candles care accessories.

4. Candle Dipper: Finally, the candle dipper completes the set. Its elongated design allows you to reach into the candle's jar and gently push the wax pool back into place, ensuring an even burn and extending the life of your candle.

Indulge in the opulence of our 4-piece candle care set in rose gold, making your candle moments a delightful and refined experience.

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